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Hi Y'all! :D


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Please stop trying to tell people what to do. Thanks.

People. You are the only person. I used no commands, I used the word 'please'. It was advice.

Please, please look over the previous post written by Jen and read the whole thing. I believe it was not quite a wise decision to continue arguing with Emma the very next post.

You are raising my blood pressure when all I want is for you to see what you just did.

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Since I'm looking around anyway, I figured I'd make a thread just to say hello to the amazing people I miss in this place. No politics, just 'hi'. Anyone feel like filling me in on the GOOD stuff that's happened?


great to see you back here. :nice: you've been missed. :cry:

and yep, NO politik, let's leave it just to Chris to sing.


GOOD stuff:

wembley :dance:

i think it's been the biggest thing most coldplayers were looking forward since long long ago, and it indeed took us loads of pages of talking -pure Coldplay related talking-, i remember just a month after the thread started there were like 100 pages, that was massive. :D


2 days concert in London, where lotta coldplayers met (including a Coldplaying-Coldplayzone.it meeting) from all over the world (came fans from even Australia or Belice) we (yep i was there too) even visited the first pub where Coldplay ever played. :D and during the show, even Jay-Z mentioned the board. :cool4: some coldplayers as Mich and Mel met Chris in person on the tube. :surprised: and some lucky boy was the youngest one attending the concert, that is Sam. :baby:


btw best wishes with your upcoming concerts and music projects.

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