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Giving Blood


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oh wow ^^ sux2bu :hug:

i wasn't paying attention at all to what the nurse was saying to me and she said do you want to watch and i said yes but i had no idea what was going on and then i looked down and the needle went in and whoa it was interesting, it didn't hurt at all, just a tiny sting.

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So did it go well Ivet?


I gave blood on thursday for the second time, and I almost fainted twice :uhoh:

The first time everything went okay, I don't know what happened this time..


But as long as you're not scared of needles, it's okay, you just feel weak cause of the blood loss :nice:


Same here, if you're gay or have had sex with guy who had sex with guy, than you're not allowed to donate blood.

Also not when you have had sex in exchange for money or drugs.

Also not when you've visited the dentist within a week.


I wonder how many people lie about these things when coming to donate blood .... :thinking:

That's stupid to lie cause anyway they test the blood, if it's contaminated they just throw it away.


when you say homosexuals, you mean men or women?

the real question behind it is, does it have a link with anal sex?

It's just for men, so yeah it has a link with anal sex, cause the risk of STDs is higher I think :thinking:


Might be a stupid question, but can they donate then have the blood tested?

Well they can, but I guess it would be too expensive to test all those samples :shrug:

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Haha, well I felt really dizzy twice, the first time wasn't so bad

the second time i felt dizzy I almost fainted, one minute i was in a chair

and then i was on the floor with ice covering my body, my feet propped up on a chair :P

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They just broke your vein. It shouldn't be like that though, it was a performance mistake.


I know your studying to be a Doctor, I had a question about Blood Type, isn't there a type which is universal and can be given to anyone or something?, I really worry about if I ever need to be given blood because I'm A/B-.

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