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It's Oldplay! Chris and Gwyn plan castle wedding


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LOVESTRUCK Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin plan to marry in a romantic moorland manor house.


The Coldplay singer and the Shakespeare In Love actress hope to tie the knot at a £1,000-a-night celebrity retreat next summer.


Owner Peter de Savary will seal off the 274-acre grounds of Bovey Castle, on Dartmoor, just as he did for Madonna and Guy Ritchie's wedding at Skibo Castle, his old Scottish business, in 2000.


The security has been demanded by Chris, who had a bust-up with photographers during a trip to Australia in July.





Wedding guests will be treated as if they are at an Edwardian house party. There'll be no bar, but they can beckon a butler for a drink.


Friends of the Martin family, who live just 12 miles away at a 19th century mansion in Whitestone, near Exeter, say negotiations with de Savary are well advanced.


One revealed: "The hotel will be closed between Christmas and July for refurbishments. The decor is going to be classical 1930s and Chris and Gwyneth can take over every room just before it reopens."


The couple (pictured in London yesterday) are said to be delighted with the plan. But not everybody supports de Savary's £15 million facelift for the hotel, built in 1905.




Council planners received more than 100 objections from locals. "This is a peaceful place," said one. "You can understand why Gwyneth wants to get married here. But de Savary is going to have a celebrity circus and life will never be the same again."


But cigar-chomping de Savary, 60, has hit back at snooty critics, who also said changing the name of the former Manor House Hotel to Bovey Castle was naff.


He said: "Looks like a castle, feels like a castle—I'm going to bloody call it a castle."





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if they don`t invite all of us i`ll make sure we`re gonna storm the wedding!!!! muahahaha we`re gonna partaaaayyy.

































but seriously i hope it`s true and that they`re going to marry and that they have kids about which chris is going to write songs. :D

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