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[30-June-2011] Coldplay @ Open'er Festival, Poland


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setlist from polish forum (thanks to spie):


MX/Hurts Like Heaven


In My Place

Major Minus


The Scientist


Violet Hill

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Everything's Not Lost

Us Against The World


Viva la Vida

Charlie Brown

Life Is For Living



Fix You

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


Yesterday they played in Poland for the first time. They couldn't play so many new songs. You know...






[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcVHNc5Eves]YouTube - ‪Coldplay - 'Us Against the World' [live at Heineken Open'er Festival '11]‬‏[/ame]

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It was mind blowing. Definitely the best live performance I have ever seen and the crowd was truly awesome! Their performance confirmed their title for the best band in the world! Looking forward to their own tour.

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It was just... INCREDIBLE. Best experience in my life!

I was in the second row and saw (almost) everything. Almost, because of Jonny I didn't see Will much of the time ;p

I have to say that the crowd was amazing! Chris sometimes looked like he was surprised that we know words to every single song! ;) He also said that he doesn't know why their menager kept them out of Poland for so long. He mentioned that they would be back in our country next year! I'm thinking, maybe they are planning a new tour in 2012? ;)

They played Shiver, my favourite <3 One of best parts of the concert :) I almost cried when it started.

One terrible thing was that during three first songs about 30 people from rows in the front fainted and security guys had to pull them out. But luckily no one was serious injured.

I didn't take any photos or record videos because I just wanted to have the time of my life, sing along and jump and didn't care about my camera anymore! ;p

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