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[25-June-2011] Coldplay @ Glastonbury festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK


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1.) Hurts Like Heaven

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9.) God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

10.) Everything's Not Lost

11.) Us Against The World

12.) Politik

13.) Viva La Vida

14.) Charlie Brown

15.) Life is for Living




16.) Clocks

17.) What a Wonderful World (Cover)

18.) Fix You

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I think it's been a very 'professional' performance by the lads tonight.


Normally Chris would go off and fit a couple of one liners into the songs, but not this time. I still think there has to be a little cover of some sort somewhere surely?


There's your cover!!


And Chris effed up Us Against The World, so we got our traditional Coldplay mistake,lol. :D

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