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[25-June-2011] Coldplay @ Glastonbury festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK


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I think they usually take a year "off" every 5 years or so anyway to let the grass get healthy again, so the farm is due for that next year anyway (aside from the Olympics issue, of course, so it's good timing in that sense).


The 5-year gap year would have been this year (2011), but it's been swapped with the 2012 festival due to the Olympics using all the portaloos

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Huh, Beyonce, interesting choice! :thinking:


I think she's cool :cool: but I don't think festival goers in general will like the choice to book her.


The question is if this will increase or decrease ones chances of getting a ticket... :thinking:


Well the only tickets will be tickets in the resale come April time by people whom either forget to pay the balance or cancel the tickets.


wow thats quite an impressive line up .


Excited to see it :p


Does glaston festival get official DVD release or gets transmited on tv ?


It's times like this I love the BBC, normally get festival coverage on BBC 2, BBC 3 & BBC 4 :D


Hmm. Look at this tweet from Coldplay. Well, look at the picture. The shadow kind of looks like the pyramid stage. A hint maybe?



"where me and Chris went climbing today pH"




Aye that be the pyramid stage.

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Wait, wut. You seriously hate living in America when you've got THIS?!




/me mindblown.


Yeah, but do you realize how big the US is? It takes multiple days of driving to get from one coast of the country to the other, and when you live on the coast that Coachella isn't on, it really sucks.

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Well, we can change the title of the thread, it's official!






15 February 2011


Coldplay announced as Saturday night headliners





We're very pleased to confirm that Coldplay will be the Saturday night Pyramid Stage headliners at this year's Glastonbury Festival.


"Coldplay have played such a major part in the Festival over the last 10 years or so," said Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis. "As their popularity grew around the world I was so proud of them. This is the triumphant return of a band that everyone here feels part of. They're one of the greatest phenomena to grow from these fields."


This will be the world-conquering group's first Glastonbury show since their triumphant 2005 performance. In 1999, Coldplay made their Glastonbury debut in the New Bands Tent, weeks after signing their record deal. Just three years later, they made their first appearance as Pyramid Stage headliners, shortly before the release of their Rush Of Blood To The Head album propelled them to global success. We can't wait to welcome them back again.


Tickets for Glastonbury 2011 have Sold Out, but a limited resale of cancelled tickets is expected in April. For more information, click here

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I'm so happy that they have confirmed in their website today! though I live in Argentina and I know I will not attend, I feel so proud because they have the right to be there to show the world how great and talented musicians they are. The bright side of it for me, living so far, is that we'll get pictures and videos! LOL Love you people! Regards from Buenos Aires! :kiss:

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