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[25-June-2011] Coldplay @ Glastonbury festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK


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Does glaston festival get official DVD release or gets transmited on tv ?
I don't know if this counts, but Palladia usually releases a pretty good 3-hour summary show within a few weeks afterward and plays it lots afterward. They played the 2010 special this weekend again, I watched part of it. Occasionally they also still play the 2005 Glasto, so I always try to catch the Coldplay performance. :wacky:
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Huh, Beyonce, interesting choice! :thinking:


I think she's cool :cool: but I don't think festival goers in general will like the choice to book her.


The question is if this will increase or decrease ones chances of getting a ticket... :thinking:



there is still the option to work at the festival for ur ticket u have to pay up front and then get refunded when u complete ur last shift

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Aw man. This throws me through a loop. I was planning on attending Reading this year... And was hoping (however unlikely it was) that Coldplay would play there. Now it definitely isn't so :bigcry:


And to add insult to injury, I have an exam on Saturday so definitely wouldn't be able to attend anyway.

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Beyoncé confirms Glastonbury slot


Beyoncé has confirmed that she will headline this year's Glastonbury Festival.


The singer was recently rumoured to be topping the bill alongside U2 and Coldplay at the event at Pilton Farm, Somerset.


Billboard confirms that Beyoncé will perform a 90-minute headline set on June 26, the final day of the festival.


"This really is the biggest festival in the world and I cannot wait to perform there," Beyoncé said in a statement.


"Everyone who attends is really appreciative of music and is in such a good mood that entire weekend. I'm pumped just thinking about that huge audience and soaking up their energy."


The Libertines have been rumoured to play another reunion gig on the Other Stage during the summer festival.



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Probably not, I didn't register yet this year and don't have the money really. I would love it if I was already going though! Are other people thinking of it now Coldplay are playing?


I don't either, but we should still try! You know CM and Jay Z are gonna turn up somewhere in Beyonce's set. :P

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