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this album is amazing you guys.

I liked the first one... but this is a million times better

my recommendations:


Pseudologia Fantastica

The Angelic Welcome of Mr. Jones

A Beginner's Guide to Destroying the Moon

Goats in Trees

The Truth

Tabloid Super Junky


My favourites are:


Coming Of Age,

A Begginer's Guide To Destroying The Moon,

Pseudologia Fantastica,

Best Friend + its intro,

The Truth


in no particular order. The Truth reminds me of The Killers for some reason, maybe because of the low voice in the chorus and stuff:thinking:. You should check it out. :)


I ripped the entire album from iTunes Radio using stereo mix (I can share it if anyone's interested), and I think I freakin' raped the replay button while listening to Destroying The Moon. :p I actually wish Coldplay did something like that

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Best Friend is defo the best track on the album imo. The Truth is great too, very MGMT, solid album and I think over time I would prefer it over the first album, has more to it, not as instant as Torches but lost a bit of interest after a while.

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