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Tried catching them at both Lollapalooza and Outside Lands but the crowds were a little ridiculous at each. I'm still amazed at how quickly these guys have blown up. Overheard a lot of MGMT comparisons from the crowd since they were playing opposite at OSL, though I think Foster the People performs better live (because let's face it - MGMT is cool but they sound like shit live).

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First heard them back in Jan or Feb in LA on KROQ (Pumped Up Kicks of course) and started kinda following them. Never got to see them live in LA unfortunately but bought Torches when it came out and saw them at Lolla. (btw awesome show, I was watching TNAF right before that so I was right up front, it was pretty sick, definitely one of my favs from the weekend).


And yeah yeah crazy how big they've gotten so fast. Right before summer started I was all about them and none of my friends had heard of them, and now everyone's singing along to Pumped Up Kicks when it comes on the radio.



I was hoping to catch them on tour this fall but tickets sold out wayyy too fast.

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