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MEGAPOLL! Guess the LP5 tracklisting announcement day! (WINNERS! 9th September: Drew42LP5 and Megalo


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Aw, crap, I read the question wrong. D'oh!


I thought ti was an album announcement date and I thought the Monday after Glasto - June 27th. Didn't realise you were talking about specific tracklisting - can't imagine they'll have a tracklisting ready in the next fortnight if they're back in the studio.:\


Oh well, I'm stuck with June 27th...

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August 8th coz it's mah birth dee :p


Wait, no it's not.


August 8th because it's the first Monday after they've finished their summer tour (there's a huge gap, their next show will be on September 16th). They will reveal tracklisting, release date (mid September, right before Austin Limits) and a new single to be released later that weak (12th of August, possibly).


I do hope it will be earlier on.


Why is everyone voting for July 1st? Would be a great coincidence, first day of the month, right in between 2 shows.

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Misread it and thought it was for the album date...I think we'll get the tracklisting either the day of Glasto or the monday after, and the album itself shortly after (July 6 as I voted)

It's just a guess, but I think with all this secrecy once they start revealing stuff everything else will fall into place rather quickly.

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