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ETIAW Video This Week?

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Do you think the video will be released this week to coincide/promote the ETIAW EP release? I think it's a strong possibility.


It's been such an exciting past four weeks or so with the festival dates and all of the new material coming out. I hope it continues this week with the video. Once the video is out, though, I think it might be a slow time (except for the festival dates) while we wait for the album announcement and the single release that will come along with it to promote it.:cool:

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yea we're overdue for the release of that video and I can't wait to see it! i'm guessing they'll release it this friday or something. Kinda weird how we haven't heard any announcement on it though i don't know if videos usually get announcements. Pretty much this whole LP5-era has been very secretive.

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That I think would be the first major idea about the concept or the idea or the style (not in terms of music), despite the things Chris said about the White Rose movement or graffiti...

Because (don't get me wrong, I think ETIAW is a cool song as a closer after the encore) I think the lyrics are not so deep and full with things you could turn into an idea for a video (like Viva, which had CM as a crown).

So we may could see what they think about ETIAW apart from the fact is makes people dancing one last time before they go off stage :D

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