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Politik 10th Anniversary


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On September 13, 2001, a little over 2 days after the terrorist attacks that stopped and changed our world forever, Chris Martin sat down and wrote a song. Almost 10 Years later, Politik still goes on as one of Coldplay's most powerful and influental songs. Politik was written about the state of the world. The terror, the media, the policies, the conflicts, the struggle, downfall, corruption, commendments and the condemned and everything else in between. Almost 10 years on, sadly, our world is still the same.:cry:


Politik is a statement about our world, and it is still a valid statement today.


Join me in celebrating the 10th anniversary of a great song.


First ever performance of Politik:


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^ "Politik is a statement about our world, and it is still a valid statement today."


I totally agree.


The background being so sad as it is, I feel it hard to celebrate its 10th anniversary with vuvuzelas as I would normally have done.


POLITIK is one of Coldplay's best songs ever. :thumbsup:

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Happy Birthday to my favorite song ever !!! :heart:

Great song full of strong emotions and powerful lyrics ..


Politik live at Grammys 2003 - live version of the song that i love the most


Yup! 1 of the best ever Grammys performances according to most critics.



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10 years of having an amazing, powerful, deep, emotional, and beautiful song that is Politik :heart:

will always be at the very top of my coldplay favorites list!


This song, gives me the chills with its beauty, and it makes me feel like crying, because of the powerful emotions it brings up. Even When I was a kid, discovering coldplay, this song stood out. And I always wished to be able to go see coldplay in concert and get the chance to hear this beautiful song get played right in front of me. I've gotten the opportunity to hear it live twice now :heart:


Sorry for the long post. But I felt the song deserved a long post, cuz this song is epic :)

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I can't believe that song's already 10 years old!

Because it's always so fresh and goosebumpy when I listen to it... It's poetry at its top! It's really like a prayer pronounced by all humanity, begging for love "over this"... And the stunning ending is just beyond the world.

Coldplay will never stop playing it, because they know this. That's one of those songs by them that makes you think "I'm so glad of the band. I'm proud of them being able to create such beauty. I feel lucky to be alive just to have the chance to listen to it."


My favourite version is the one at the Grammys in 2003, when they played with the orchestra... A m a z i n g .





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Maybe some of you aren't Americans, aren't old enough or just have a lack of understanding, but to celebrate the anniversary of a song that was shaped because an awful act is just idiotic and insensitive. A solemn remembrance is one thing. Goofy grins are embarrassing.

Maybe some of you are too sensitive, still weeping over terrible tragedies, or just have a lack of understanding too, but to celebrate the anniversary of a song that sent a message about the troubles of our world and brought people together to fight the plague of war and realize just how corrupt and sad our world has become is not idiotic and insensitive. Misunderstanding the concept of Politik is one thing. Denying its message and its influence is just embarrassing.

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Im sorry but I don't understand why its idiotic to celebrate a song that we love. We aren't celebrating the tragedy, We are just talking about how amazing the song is. its unfortunate the song was inspired by something so awful, but it has a powerful message, and I love it.

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