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Did they record the song infront of the Great Wall of China?!


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Definitely photoshopped, why would Chris be wearing his Viva jacket?


It's a good point but on the other hand, Rihanna IS wearing a tiara and it would be appropriate to wear that while recording a song about her being the Princess of China while being in China.

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This thread is pure LOLz



That picture looks clearly photoshopped - that picture of Rihanna is actually from a few months ago at a concert or performance of some sort.



I wouldn't be surprised, though, if they decided to film the video at the Great Wall - if there is even going to be a video.

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That looks pretty legit..



I wonder how great it felt that fellow asian people could witness such beauty in music :)


Are you people out of your mind? That's the fakest thing I've ever seen. Why is Chris wearing his Viva jacket and not even looking at the camera? (Gee, you don't think he's not actually there?:confused:) Oh and uh, why does the backdrop look like something out of a cheesy 60's movie?


Honestly people.

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