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The Final Track

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Mylo Xyloto is reviewed in the newest issue of Uncut.


Solid fifth calms EMI shareholders


Mylo Xyloto may arrive scrawled in the spray-painted language of the streets, but scratch off the graffiti and Coldplay remain as hip as ever. Described by Chris Martin as "a love story set in an oppressive urban environment", there's no shortage of decent tunes: on the likes of "Charlie Brown" and "Hurts Like Heaven". Jonny Buckland sews those naggingly familiar riffs on to Eno-plumped cushions of sound. Deadline challanges mean Uncut is unable to hear a final full version, but it's safe to say that "Paradise", with it's gooey sentiment and Flake ad strings, won't convert the haters. -Piers Martin


They gave it 3/5, so that's a good review. By comparison, X%Y got 4/5 and Viva 3/5.

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