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Rate U.F.O. poll!


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This is definitely growing on me. It was not what I expected from the title. :P Would give it a 7.5 right now but it would definitely increase after time. :)


And I agree with those who said it was too short. It really is!

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Am I the only one who doesn't like U.F.O ? I almost did not listen to it ; if you ask me to sing a part of it I would not even be able to do it. I just can't remember this song if I don't listen to it ... :(


I don't hate it ; I don't love it... I just ''dislike'' it.

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About a 7. It always disappears in my memory and pales to every other song on the album.


It makes me think of Prospekt's March but not as good or complete sounding. It's as short as Don't Panic yet it sounds like half the song.


It's very pretty though. :)


Edit: I also wish there was actually some Jonny on this song. Like Prospekt's March basically. Or See You Soon.

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I really like it. :)


The start reminds of



Yeah, it's true I think so too!

For me 8/10, I adore Chris' voice on this track and I find that the lyrics are so nice! One fault, this song is too short.


By the way, I hope that Wedding Bells will be on a B-side :)

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To be honest, if I had to rate the songs from 1 to 11, UFO would probably be at the end with UIF.

It is touching, but they have much better songs with the same theme. And it's too short so I consider it an interlude.

Don't Panic is also too short, but that doesn't mean it's not one of my favorite songs.

Still, I'd give it a 7. It's definitely not my favorite song on MX since I'm not forever stuck on Oldplay.

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