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Grey cover or blue cover?


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It's weird, I'd say the blue cover is the best for my itunes, but when I got the real CD, the silver MX cover looked awesome, mainly because it complements well with the colour on the side of the front (where it says COLDPLAY MYLO XYLOTO),


Side note: Oh yeah, I hate how the spine is written upside down. I have like 60 CDs and it's one of only 3 CDs that are written upside down in my case. SO ANNOYING!

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I don't really see how it is the 'blue' cover but I prefer the grey one for digital and the 'blue' one for CD


If you look at it from a distance, the main colour I would say, would be blue. The same as Achtung Baby, an album that drew comparisons with MX's cover when it was announced.




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