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myloxyloto.com (the site for the digital tourpack? links to wristbands)


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If it definitely isnt working then just create brand new email addresses with Yahoo, Hotmail and Virgin Media and get it sent to all them and its bound to work one way or another.


Or one of you kind people can upload it to a website somewhere... *hint hint* :D

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Entered my Gmail address twice and nothing... Been waiting since this morning. Going to try my work address now.


My first email was my college's Gmail account and I never got the email. I later entered my old Hotmail account and the email was there instantly.

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That's a nice gift the band is offering us. I especially like the lyrics handwritted by Chris :nice: Thank you :D

(I use Gmail and the email was also in the spam folder as well as the Colplay Messenger.)


Edit : I almost forgot to write that I also like the video (oh boy, these lights from the wristbands are just "magnifiques" :awesome:)!

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