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myloxyloto.com (the site for the digital tourpack? links to wristbands)


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unbelieveable video! made all the better because we were there :D


Oh, I'd say despicable things to you sir, but clearly I won't insult mr coldplaying himself. So how was it? :wacky:

Tell us some details from the show. Has anything changed since UNSTAGED (besides the setlist)?

It looks like they're sticking with this setlist for the MX tour:



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The video is so awesome, I watched it like ten times since I got it (12 hours ago) :D

I love how Chris walks when they're going to the stage, like "Yeah, this is gonna be fun, we'll rock the place". A bit like a kid who can't wait to go the playground :wacky: :D

And when all the wristbands light up! OMG! And what a view! :stunned:

This is one of the most beautiful view in the world, they're such a lucky band :wacky:



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