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Rank the album closers!


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Now that we've all got to carefully listen to MX, it's time to rank the last songs on each album! It's important to keep in mind that it's not just about how good the songs are by themselves, but rather how well they close the album.


I have to say that, in my opinion, all of the album closers till now have been absolutely epic. Coldplay is really good at choosing them. But well, enough of chatter. Let's go.


1 - Up With the Birds

2 - Amsterdam

3 - Everything's Not Lost / Life is For Living

4 - Twisted Logic / 'Til Kingdom Come

5 - Death and All His Friends / The Escapist

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1. Death and All His Friends/ The Escapist

2. Amsterdam

3. Up with the Birds

4. Twisted Logic/ Till Kingdom Come

5. Everything's Not Lost/ Life is for Living


That was REALLY hard for me. The ending songs are consistently my favorites on their albums. I'm not even entirely sure about the ratings I just gave! Ahhhhhhhh soooooo haaaarrrrd!!!!!!

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