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Post a pic of your pet

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How lovely are all your pets! :)


my birds:






Words cannot describe how much I love this dog. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

He's sitting on my lap; something he does a lot. :wacky::wacky:


edit- Did not realize the picture would be so big. :P


Awwwwww so sweet :wacko:

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Spoilers cuz the birds need describin' to distinguish their individuality, and big pics yo



Skittles the Cat - skills include closing and opening doors, rattling keys for 'let me out', attention meowing, guilt tripping and being extremely fussy about dinner. Seems to have a penchant for chasing mice, as he now knows not to go for the birds





Boris - also referred to as Bori, Boofy, Boofhead, Cheeky, Little Shit (this is when he evades me and I get frustrated). First bird we got, we intended to have him talking. He was too slow to pick up the words though, and he started making friends with mirrors. Likes to be the boss of the cage. Often seen (over)preening Dave. He is very protective of her and has saved her life from le cat before. Boris can be a bit clueless tho. Before Dave he had a mate called Lyla, they started to nest in the wall, but Lyla flew out of the house one day. He still sits by that hole and chirps to it, the last place he heard her...





Dave - is actually a girl, but we dun goofed on gender assessment. Very petite but sweet. Ongoing french moults issue - Dave grows less feathers on her than a normal bird, and often when they do grow they are weaker than normal feathers. Boris contributes by overpreening her neck, leaving her with a bald spot (poor bugger). She cannot fly, but still remains resourceful and determined to get where she wants to go. The whole cage seems to revolve around her some days.





Fluffy - True king of the cage, also a troll. Likes to annoy Boris for his own amusement by chatting up Dave. A very cheeky, but happy bird, he prefers the company of Berry.

(I'll grab a picture of him in the morning, I somehow don't have many of him floating around the computers. Basically white bird with blue and black patches)


Berry - Very timid. Only really hangs around Fluffy and Pearla. Her and Pearla became friends since they came from the same shop.





Pearla - Coldplaying helped me name this budgie! Pearla is really growing on me recently. Nice plump girl that seems to stay quiet in the cage, but is actually on good terms with all. Very brave, will stand her ground when confronted, and explores new perching spots. Likes hanging out with her bird friends if they're lonely. Boris tries to chat her up and mate with her but he seems to keep mounting her sideways.






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That's my boy)) His name is Robert, he is 7!






ooh he's so cute! :D

so cutes all yours pets :heart:




Maya & Norska




cool pic! they are so beautifull! :D



A-m-a-zing pic! :D how did he/she get there? :lol:

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Words cannot describe how much I love this dog. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

He's sitting on my lap; something he does a lot. :wacky::wacky:


edit- Did not realize the picture would be so big. :P


He's so beautiful :heart:


We had a Golden Retriever when I was a child, they're amazing dogs.

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