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Princess of China New Single? -Confirmed-


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:( I am really hoping that they release an EP sometime this year. It seems like the only possibility, what with ETIAW, Paradise, Charlie Brown and Princess of China out without B-sides, and UWTB/UFO limited edition without any other songs on it. I'm sure they've produced many hits that have never seen the light of day.

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^ You were faster, I was coming here to do it :P, and imagine if it gets to the top 10 next week, one day before the release


Well, I certainly wasn't listening to the chart just so I can post what position PoC was in before anyone else...



(I went to check, and it was currently playing. Happened last week too.)


I don't think it will break the top 10 next Sunday, but if the music video does release this week then I can see it going up a few places.

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