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Faultline- Your Love Means Everything


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has anyone heard of them? i just bought the cd today it's really really good! kinda techno sounding, mellow at times, but a damn good cd! anyway i'm posting this in coldplay forum cause chris actually sings on two of the tracks...he sounds beautiful! so much so that it put me to sleep haha...anyway, check this cd out if you haven't done so already :)

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ooooh - tried to get that a while ago but it was really expensive everywhere - thanx for reminding me tho - ill dload them tonight :D


Try ebay, Si!! I got it for 7 Euro there, which is ridiculously inexpensive... I guess that would be about 4 Pounds! 8)

I LOVE "Your Love Means Everything" and "Where Is My Boy"!! Such wonderful songs... :-D

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you guys should just buy the cd!! :-D it's all good...
i already have all the songs on the disc. and all i had to do was click a few bottons to download it.


i dont think i would be able to find it here anyways. and i have no money to buy it off the internet :roll:

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