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Thats amazing dude o_o


How did you do it?


Ha ha well since 2008 I have been trying to reproduce the sound, but it has been hard getting it right :\ . to put it in the most simple way I can, I mixed some asian type instruments (which have lots of "bite") with a piano, all the sounds are sampled and are professional. The tack piano is used in these songs....


1. Lovers in Japan

2.Viva la vida

3.Charlie Brown

4.Princess of china :D


Believe me its in every one of them songs I'm a geek when it comes to knowing the instruments used :wink3:

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Haha 86Timewarp, yeah I actually put that because I was writing a note to a friend, meaning to put, "It's a play on words!" and (I suppose because I'm so very Coldplay-obsessed) I didn't even know until my friend pointed it out that I actually wrote "COLDplay on words." :cheesy: True story. So now I use that term often. I think it was a wonderful accident. :rolleyes4: By the way, I like your location. Very interesting. :wink:

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