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@I ran away: Good news! You know that thread with the massive list and you have to copy and paste it all? Well I'm asking @laxwatcher if I can repost that game, so we don't have to copy and paste that massive list. There'll be a master list and it'll be updated by me as new votes come in. Also, if everything does work out... we get to restart the game!!!!! Which means What If will be back! :D

More details on how we will vote here: http://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/elimination-game-of-a-lot-of-coldplay-songs-round-2.94337/page-8

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just list your favorite songs in order from favorite to least favorite in Pool A

oh ok then


1.Life in Technicolor ii

2.Speed Of Sound

3.The Scientist

4.A Rush Of Blood To The Head

5.Death Will Never Conquer

6.The World Turned Upside Down

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Im not sure... quite a few have already voted. @laxwatcher's not on much anymore (although they do come on every now and then)... I think we can say to check out this game and vote on some of the other game threads. :D

Can be:)

Or put it in our signature, although I don't know how many people even have the show signatures option turned on.

Well, I don't know, first you've got to visit the profile page and then go to Information and then scroll down... Doesn't look handy.

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