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Well, having had a look at it the past few days while visiting: please get rid of the "person answered in thread" "person liked this post" thing while it is a one-room chatbox. Messages end up getting buried by people just doing stuff on the forum. It might be better when there are different chatrooms and you can sort the activity messages by forum into each room (if possible)

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Tbh I'm unsure how multiple chatrooms would be a good thing, like Reilly said only like 5 people talk regularly and maybe a few dozen people popped in to say hi during its history, splitting those people up would just make chat happen once every few hours, in which case why not just use the forums


EDIT: If the chatroom wasn't so dead, the "X posted in Y thread" thing wouldn't be an issue, like I said I'm not negating anything, I actually like the idea, but realistically how would seperating the chatrooms make dozens of people turn up and start chatting

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Thanks for the feedback. I like the idea of keeping the forum activity within the chatbox at the top of the forum, I don't think the Coldplay / Coldplay Live rooms will come during this quiet period.


Generally speaking are most of the "chatterers" from the Lounge? I haven't seen much discussion about Coldplay up there. Maybe the Lounge is the best place for the General channel?

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There's a list in the Archives of how many chat posts people have made, here are all the people who have made 50 or more:


Reilly 1094

Twisted mind 721

SuperFitz 524

Coldplay 453

Tnspieler1012 450

Mollyxyloto 450

Empily 406

Linus71 203

Coeurli 195

jeremyy 195

MrLick 164

The Doctor 148

Alien Radio 128

Papillon 115

Fraetes 112

busybeeburns 98

Cheese Nip 2 95

42JTR 87

TecHniCoLoR_MX 82

Troxley 67


I would say a majority of those frequent the Lounge, yeah


Also Coldplay talk is generally ignored from what I've seen, stuff like "What Coldplay subsection do I put this thread?" and "Where can I find this Coldplay vinyl?"

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I think having 2 rooms, a lounge/general chat and a coldplay chat, would suffice because I think the people who want to chat about coldplay are getting slightly drowned out by the general discussion.

Also maybe the coldplay people don't want to chat so much because we all sound like we know each other already and don't want to join in? I'm not sure.

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Is there is a way I can disable this chat box whether I am logged in or visiting as a guest? Ever since it's started & my browser keeps freezing & not responding when I am on the site :( It also makes the pages load slower & I already have a lousy internet connection. :embarrassed:

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Also getting irritating errors when trying to respond... I'll type something and press Enter and a pop-up box with title "Coldplaying Chatbox" comes up with no text undernearth. I'm guessing it's meant to display some kind of error message but it doesn't, and my message vanishes and doesn't go through when I press OK on this pop-up.


Using Opera 12.02

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