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Mixtape Exchange #17 [Reviews & Tracklists]


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Hey Diana, I was the one who made your mixtape :) My comments are in blue :)




Somehow everything is confabulating so i would not post this review here...


I... I am sorry for being late, and now for keeping my review short... I had completed it, and the page decided to tell me i was not logged in :/ and now it is late and i am sleepy and i do not think i will have enough time to do it tomorrow :/


The Journey's End (accompanied by a cover art of an igloo with the aurora borealis on the back)


1) This one starts off as one of those songs that you would watch in a tv series like Dawson’s creek, Smallville or so. Then goes in a strong instrumental, to continue in the slow rhythm again. I really enjoyed the lyrics. The rhythm itself would not be really my thing unless I am depressed though.


I love this song, the lyrics and the music that goes with it, especially when he's singing the lines starting with "this house is in silence, for most of the year". I thought it was appropriate for what I was going for with this mixtape, to be like a soundtrack for going on an adventure/journey, this being the person setting off on their journey. Anyway this is The Getaway by Athlete


2) Beepings, and then a bass. I like the few pauses it has. The lyrics are awesome! You do not really get much but the beeps and bass rifts, but their voices are enough to make it an awesome song. Towards the end you get more instruments come in, and in the last minute it gets really intense while the voices fade out. Overall a great song.


I think this band are class and are quite popular in Ireland and the UK. They vary from happy, to sad, to sometimes angry (like in this song) on their two albums. I highly recommend checking them out cos they really are a great band, this is The Waves by Irish band, Villagers


3) I really like this one! It is very rocky, her voice is not really common, I would say. It makes me think of Violent Femmes, but I know it is not them. It is really catchy. I love how rocky this mixtape is.


I was told about this band at the end of last summer and fell in love with them instantly, it's Heartless Bastards and I think they are great, so cool with the music they make! I recommend the song called Sway by them, it's a belter! This is Out At Sea by Heartless Bastards


4) This one is more relaxed, I really enjoyed it. It has a constant rhythm throughout the song; I cannot really place who the band is, but it sounds familiar! Fun lyrics too.


It wasn't this song that was played but I discovered Motopony when their song was used at the end of an episode of House. Couldn't buy their album here in Ireland so when my sister was in America last year I got her to get it for me and I'm so glad she did. One song of theirs well worth listening to is God Damn Girl. This is June by Motopony


5) Slow strings and then bongos? A cello? This one is not really rocky at all, but somehow fits the mixtape really well. The cello comes in and out through the song. The lyrics reflect the singer sort of longing for another place to be… sort of bittersweet. Lovely song.


I wanted the mixtape to be traditional, basically it'd rise and fall then rise again, which it does. I thought after the last song, this was the moment to let it fall but gracefully and softly. Nick Drake is a brilliant singer, he can paint a story so well with his words and the music is always so gentle that you'd just want to chill out in a field on a hot summers day. This is Cello Song by Nick Drake


6) We have a piano, and then a few faded strings. I have heard this band before! I think the song as well, but not sure when, or who it is. Her voice at the beginning is really strong, but it gets more feminine in her high notes. Really liked this song!!! Toward the ends it reminds me of a Moby song!


This band just keep on continuing to get bigger and bigger since their album came out last year. She has an amazing and powerful voice too! This is my favourite song by them and it's Nightcall by London Grammar


7) Of Monsters And Men! I have not heard the song, but their voices are unmistakable. Is a slow song and there are claps in the background. I really liked this one. The lyrics are lovely again.


I only knew the one song of theirs (Little Talks), until I heard Dirty Paws awhile back and knew I had to get their album and bloody hell it's the best one beside Ghost Stories that I've bought this year! This is the delightful Sloom by Of Monsters And Men


8) Again, a slow song. Two vocalists. It is a soothing song; I like how the lyrics basically tell a life story. All of these songs, being slow and with low background are really easy to actually listen to what they have to say, making it far more enjoyable.


I saw the film The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty and this song was used for it. Since seeing the film I went and got the soundtrack and have never wanted to go travelling or on adventure more than I do right now in my life. So I thought this was worth putting in from a personal point of view to the mixtape. If you haven't seen the film then go and do so, it's brilliant and so is the soundtrack! This is The Wolves & The Ravens by Rogue Valley


9) This picks up the pace some. Sort of country sound at the start, but it stays slow and only a guitar plays. I really like the lyrics, they are about being led on by someone who is nothing like you, I guess. She is mother nature’s daughter, and he is in the city…


This man is a great singer/song writer, his album is free on Noisetrade's website legally and I'm glad I got it. If you couldn't tell by his accent he's from Liverpool, England, which is where I'm from too. This is You've Got The Trees by Alex Highton


10) And the rock is back!!! Sort of an old vibe to it. love the wooooohhh wooo ooooohs! No clue who this band is, but sounds somewhat familiar. Nice beat!


From a band of where I'm from to a band from where I am. The Hot Sprockets are slowly getting more notice in Ireland and the UK, although they are already quite popular here in Ireland. Really cool band and fun! This is Cruisin' by The Hot Sprockets


11) THE VACCINES <3<3<3 WRECKING BAR! I love this song and band so damn much. Thank you so much for putting them here!


This song is class. Enough said. This is Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra) by The Vaccines


12) Some guitar riffs and then a few drops... guitar starts again, and the drum accompany it. His voice is sort of faded, and there is sort of interchanged vocals. Pretty sure this is Interpol, awesome band.


Good guess as it is Interpol, taken from their first album Turn On The Bright Lights, the song is just brilliant for it's intensity and story, as part of this mixtapes story, to me this was the beginning of the dangerous part of the adventure/journey and by the end of the song it'd be the middle of it too. This is Roland by Interpol


13) This one is really intense, reminds me of Limp Biskit... i have heard the band before, but i cannot please it. I liked the part where the music foes a bit quiet, and he whispers before the music starts again. Good song.


These Scottish lads have been around for ages but only started to get the appreciation they deserved since their album Only Revolutions came out but this song's from last year's release Opposites. They're heavy, they're emotional and they're passionate with their songs, what more could you want from a rock band? It's also by the end, a dramatic conclusion to the danger part of this adventure too. This is Modern Magic Formula by Biffy Clyro


14) I really like this one, made me remember how our vert zoo professor told us about how formaldehyde was used to preserve animal bodies in those jars, and how it gave people cancer so they switched to alcohol... anyways, I have heard the band before, but cannot really place it. Lovely song!


I'm a big fan of this band, especially the song Bones from their second album An End Has A Start. This song though came from last year's album The Weight Of Your Love. It's a great song and story wise in this mixtape the part where we celebrate overcoming the danger and now realising that the end to this journey is in sight. This is Formaldehyde by Editors


15) Amazing closer. It is sort of what i am really into, songs with different/unexpected changes in beats throughout the song, and with strange sounds in them. Awesome ending.


One of my top five favourite bands and one of my top three live bands, seriously Diana, whether you go on to get their albums or not, if you get a chance to see them live don't give it a second thought and go, you won't regret it, trust me. It's from their latest album that came out back in February called So Long, See You Tomorrow. I thought that this was all mostly a positive journey story-wise, about enjoying the experience of the journey but to be happy when at "the journey's end" because of what you just went through. This is Luna by Bombay Bicycle Club


Thank youu for the mixtape, and sorry for such a tired review. Try to picture the original one though, there were a lot of exclamation marks showing how excited i was about the mixtape!


I'm so glad you enjoyed this mixtape and hope it's added some new bands to your music library!


Sorry about being super late as well!


Don't worry about it :) Thanks again for the great review! :)



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The Cover Art





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All the reviews are in now, dunno if everyone has got their tracklists to their mixtapes but I'll link them all on the first page now whether the person has seen their review or not. If anyone hasn't got their track list and wants it I'll have a look in my messages for it if it was given to me and pass it on. :)

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I had no clue it was you who made it! Sorry for the delay!


I will go ahead and check out all the other recommendations you gave me! i really love this mixtape and it certainly will add new artists to my library :)


Thank you!!

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So is anyone going to host the next exchange? I'm itching for the banter to start again, I still listen to the three or four I've been involved in, I want more! :D


Hello! I would love to host for the next exchange if you guys would like me to :D


As long as more people would want to start right about this time around, I will post a new thread :)

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