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Mixtape Exchange #17 [Reviews & Tracklists]


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Well yeah, I paired everyone up but in no particular order like, I think though after you saying that, that I made it more difficult than it needed to be haha.


And no worries, at least you're giving the thread a heads up, better than keeping people in the dark and you've got until Sunday (I think around midday based on where you are) if you're going to be on time. Hope you're better soon! :)

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Just a heads up that it's one day and four hours until the deadline and there's still 8 people yet to submit their mixtapes. So those who haven't, they know who they are, you've not got much time to get them in now.

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Well yeah, I paired everyone up but in no particular order like, I think though after you saying that, that I made it more difficult than it needed to be haha.


And no worries, at least you're giving the thread a heads up, better than keeping people in the dark and you've got until Sunday (I think around midday based on where you are) if you're going to be on time. Hope you're better soon! :)


I fell asleep as soon as I got home :\, and I am working all freaking day today and tomorrow.


I am sorry partner, especially given to the time difference, I am almost sure I will be pretty late.

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Well that's ok, as long as there's a reason and people just don't bother to say why they won't meet the deadline :)


I will try to submit it on Monday night, so it will get to you by Tuesday, around 3am? (I am hoping it will be uploaded by 8pm Monday, my time. otherwise I will let you know.

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Right then, for everyone that's submitted their mixtapes on time should have them now, unfortunately a few people haven't, I have messaged them but got no response yet. But for everyone else, enjoy your mixtapes and let the reviews begin! :D

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It means you haven't been included yet. How being reserves works is when someone doesn't get a mixtape at all rather than just late. You'll get a tape in return though in that situation. But maybe when someone else has done their original review they might want to do another one and then you'll get a tape to review too.


For those who uploaded their mixtapes to be downloaded via either mediafire or rapidshare, people are having trouble being allowed to download them. It simply just won't give the option to do so. Can those who did upload their tapes using one of those sites use a different one please? Dropbox seems to be the best and easiest bet from what I can see.

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Like it as an intro, sounds like a more accessible Sigur Ros


I think I know this voice but I can’t say who he is, but I like it, I like the passion he puts while singing. Also I like the production of the song, very clear, I can hear every instrument. I dig this track. Love how everything changes around 1.50 minute


Another piano interlude, really sweet, reminds me of postcards from far away. For now is a piano driven mixtape


The fad out/fade in between the 3rd and 4th track is a bit raw but the track is good, again the piano is the main instrument but this structure is more complicated, like Pyramide Song by Radiohead.


Wtf Ok strange beginning and the guy singing has a strange low voice. Strange but well produced but the guy voice turns me off


Wtf pt2 This mixtape is getting so strange. Sounds like a russian metal version of Blur, don’t ask me why. The guitar has the same chord progression of Bugman by well Blur, maybe that’s why


Piano driven song again, like the voice, I think I know the voice but I’m not sure. Really like it but maybe it’s a bit similar to the second track, but its okay as long as I like it.


Female singer, like it, I’m really picky when it comes to female voices but I like this one. The production could have been a little better, the instrumental is too low. Fun to listen to it but I don’t really like the song, reminds me of Britney Spears


Maybe my favourite from the mixtape. I loved it, from the first second to the last one.


EDM, nicely produced but too repetitive and corny, I love EDM but this was nothing special and the synth riff is borrowed from another song, I hope they asked for permission because it has the same notes


Female singer, like this song, don’t like how she sings it/her voice. The instrumental it’s fucking good. I don’t like the boy voice either, they are nothing special but the blend together in a nice way


Strange beginning, love the production. I really like it, one of my favourites, I especially love the bass progression


EDM again but this is better than the 10th track, more mature


Ahahaha Riptide by Vance Joy, really cute song, the only one I already knew before the mixtape


Love her voice, love the production, love the sound. Really cool song, and wooow what a bassline! Need to play it as soon as I repair my bass and the end!!! Oh man what an end! Wow this song is gold! The best one on the mixtape I felt like I was in heaven while listening to it


EDM again but this is bass heavy not ambiental EDM. Sounds like one of those Need fo Speed soundtracks with the freaking bass drop ahahahah I love bass drops in EDM songs but the one in this song was annoying. Heavy synths too, this is the type of music that I always try to avoid cause it gives me headaches.


A midnight remix ahah I still haven’t listened to the remix EP but I want to, I love remixes but this one needed an improvement on the tempo, the drum beat was too fast and it was really short


Uuuuh what a production on this song! I want to know who’s the producer on this one! Majestic work


My least favourite together with the 16th song too corny for me


Like the piano in this one, the voices not so much, like the beat, maybe too simple and not so original


Last song. Loved it, really really loved it.

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Here’s my review:


So, this is my first mixtape exchange and what an exchange to start off with! Firstly, I like the artwork. It is most certainly better than anything I can produce :p The Mixtape is titled ‘Colors’ and the artwork is very coloury indeed. You also included a ‘Read Me’-file. In general you explained why the mixtape is the way it is. I made me even more curious, but I do actually like hardrock though! ;)


Before I discuss every song individual, let me first say that I really like how you made it a very cohesive piece of work, and everything was very well thought through! So, the songs:


01 - A very short song, 1 minute long. Soft synths, a muffled voice. Can’t make out which song it is or who the artist is. It’s a good opener for sure.


02 - Wait.. Is this… IT IS! It’s White Lies! Damn I love that band. I saw them live twice, as support act for Coldplay back in 2009 and in November 2013. This song is ‘Big TV’, the title track from their latest album. I loved their first album, didn't like the second, but they conquered my heart with ‘Big TV’. Ahhhh, bliss.


03 - It opens with drums and bass, I hear a guitar coming in. Off to a good start. The vocals sound familiar, but I can’t place them. I actually like this song very much, very upbeat and some awesome guitaring :) I can see myself going crazy at this during a festival. Please tell me who it is, can’t wait to pirate the shit out of this artist.


04 - You made me grin here. Of Monsters And Men with ‘Mountain Sound’! I actually discovered them quite early and went to see them at a tiny gig near where I live, for a few hundred people. Also got the whole band to sign my LP of them. They have a great sound with some very nice harmonies. Great band, great song.


05 - Acoustic guitar intro, very mellow song. Very good song to chill to, I have no idea who it is though. I really like the electric guitar solo. I’m a guitarist myself and this guitarist has my approval!


06 - A very heavily edited piano piece of 19 seconds so it sounds very muffled. I had no idea what is is, but suddenly it hit me after listening it again. This is the piece that Matt Bellamy (Muse) plays after ‘United States of Eurasia’! It’s Chopin’s ‘Nocturne Op 9 No 2’. I don’t know if you know this from Muse or from Chopin, but I love you for it either way.


07 - WHAM! GUITARSSS. Of course I recognize this song. It’s ‘Supersoaker’ from Kings Of Leon. I saw them live once, they play great but there’s not much interaction with the audience (none actually). Anyway, this is a great song in my opinion. Really upbeat, very catchy and it makes you wanna partyyyy.


08 - Really, are you flirting with my dear girl/boy? This is my jam! I love Arctic Monkeys and AM is a great album. The song is ‘Do I Wanna Know’ by the way, and it’s just perfection. I play it on guitar often, trying to be as cool as Alex Turner. I really love the outro too. I’m loving this.


09 - Hey, Keane. The song is ‘The Boys’ from their latest (last?) album. I’m not that big a fan of them, but this is a nice song. Simple, yet catchy with the classic Keane-sound.


10 - This has an interesting sound. I can deduce from the accent that it’s an American band, but other than that… no idea. Very nice song, nice use of the violin. Very gentle song too. And then suddenly: drums! Nice twist in the song. Please tell me the band, can’t wait to hear more!


11 - Oh, hello there Bono. Of course I know this. It’s ‘Ordinary Love’ by U2. I can’t call myself a fan, but I do own 6 albums and I would love to see them live. I’m looking forward to their new record; I love ‘Ordinary Love’ and ‘Invisible’. Excuse me while I sing along to this one.


12 - Another instrumental interlude. And yes I do know this one, again it’s White Lies! It’s called ‘Space I’ and it’s a nice and spacey (no pun intended) piano interlude for the song ‘First Time Caller’ on ‘Big TV’.


13 - Well, fuck me. ‘First Time Caller’ by White Lies! It’s White Lies galore! Not that I mind :p This song is a classic White Lies song. Good lyrics, pretty bright ones too for White Lies. And then finally towards the end some distorted guitar. Lovely :)


14 - Isn’t that a synth used in ‘Princess Of China’? Yes it is! And that’s a piano playing the rhythm of the song. And later an acoustic guitar comes in. This is amazing! I like it more than the original :p Did you make this yourself? If so, well done! I adore it!


Well, this is an amazing mixtape! I loved every minute of it. And… well I’ll just say it.. I love YOU! You’ve got an amazing taste in music and are obviously very talented. Thank you for this and all the effort you put into it. I has been a wonderful 45 minutes.

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Ok then everyone who signed up should have a mixtape now, if not then send me a message as I must've missed you or forgot to resend you your link if you had problems downloading.


Also to my mixtape maker, I've listened to it once and have to say it's awesome! I'll have a proper review for you by tomorrow or Wednesday but so far I'm loving it!

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