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Chris Martin, Nile Rodgers and Avicii collaborating for a new song

Jonny and the cake

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Chris admitted in his Kevin and Bean interview that he had written a song but that would be released next year as a duet.


Few days ago this pics come out







And today this picture was posted on Nile Rodgers Official Facebook page



#nilerodgers working out a guitar and vocal part on a new song with #ChrisMartin


how do you feel about this?

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so apparently it's a chris+avivii track:


Avicii was recording tracks with Chris Martin (from Coldplay). I walked in with Nile, we chatted, listened to some tracks and chilled out. Then, something amazing happened. I sat on the couch. Avicii was sitting on my left, creating some musical arrangements on his laptop. Chris Martin was standing in front of me, improvising on Avicii’s sounds with his golden voice. Then Nile started to jam on an air guitar. He used his hands to ‘jam’ and his own voice to create the sound of the guitar. The whole combination of these three legends was so amazing and sounded so f###### good that it gave me goose bumps. This was the most unreal moment of my internship with Nile. AMAZING!



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avicii has quite the roaster for the next album. damn..


anyway, no new info on the chris martin colab, but this was said about him:


"Chris has been like a brother," Bergling says. "He helps out with my nutritionist." The pair have been buddies since Avicii co-produced "A Sky Full of Stars" for Coldplay. "He needs every part to be perfect. I'm not like that," Bergling says. "Which is why I've got 70 songs."
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^ I think there are two men singing and I think Chris' voice is at the beggining and on words A better dayyy. But I'm not sure about it as well



Edit: Whoaa Avicii already have got Billie Joe Armstrong on his song :surprised:

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