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***Coldplay SINGLES Elimination Game*** - let's single out the best single

I ran away

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It's such a hard decision....Ill probably wind up changing my mind a few more times in the next few hours


Edit: I'm gonna stick with voting for Fix You....after another listen to the two, I have decided.....I think we often think of Clocks only in terms of its piano riff, but if you take a good listen to the lyrics, they are just as emotion-filled of those of Fix You


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Clocks 7

Fix You 9


Fix You tried its best but did not succeed...


The best Coldplay single of all time according to this elimination game is CLOCKS !! Closing walls and the ticking clocks, are you a part of the cure or are you part of the disease ? I don't know, but...Youuuuu areeee...the winner of this game !


Thank you all for participating ! It was great fun and there will be a follow-up with a very different selection of songs coming soon. Check back to this thread where it will be announced !!

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I propose that AOAL be added to the lineup.


There will be a new edition of the Singles Game when ALL of AHFOD's singles are out. At this moment it would be boring to pay the whole thing again with exactly one song added.


For now I have something else in mind....check back later !

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