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Can I just point out that although Moving To Mars may have a more epic and classical rock sound, Hurts Like Heaven is more original... Am I the only one who sees similarities to Space Oddity (as classic as that song is)? HLH is just a beautiful exuberant song that is quite unique to anything else I have heard before :nice:


For that reason Hurts Like Heaven for the win!!!

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And if you click on the url

you can see Coldplay perform it live.


Am I correct to state that it was the only time they played it live?


Thanks for posting this :thumbsup: I never knew that they ever played it live, sounds beautiful!


Sorry for posting few pages late but just catching up on posts over the last week - my broadband's been down so things have only been drip-fed down :(

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^ Yeah but HLH is magical every time! When Jonny breaks out his guitar solos / riffs, it just takes the song up to a whole different level - it is such an EPIC song!!! There must be like at least five or six guitar riffs packed into that song... Which other song has as many motifs in there, while being also truly uplifting and joyful???


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As this is MX, I couldn't care less who wins really, but I will say MTM is a far superior song to HLH. HLH had the potential to be great with Jonny's guitar lines but it fell prey to being a MX song! Too much production and layering with stupid synth noises that have no business being there.

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THE (honestly pretty obvious) WINNER OF THE MX ELIMINATION:




[table=width: 500]


[td]Moving to Mars[/td]




[td]MX/Hurts Like Heaven[/td]





It was actually closer than we thought! ;)


Thank you all for participating in this elimination!! The GS thread should be up very soon, so keep your eyes peeled, and hope to see you there!

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