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[2016-08-20] Rose Bowl, LOS ANGELES, CA

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Haha awkward burping banana speech :D


And I am a bit annoyed at the request part right now. This video didnt fulfill any requirement at all (show your face, only on plain background...) and probably it got chosen because it is Don't Panic which along with GPASUYF and IMP is one of the acceptable requests. Also, this "Jonny doesnt like singing so give him an extra loud cheer....Stop stop stop !! you have to do this again give him an even louder cheer" theatre is quite lame imho.

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Last song, Up&Up






  1. AHFOD (w/ CC speech)
  2. Yellow
  3. ETIAW
  4. Scientist
  5. Birds
  6. Paradise/remix
  7. Always in My Head*
  8. Magic*
  9. Everglow (Chris & Jonny)*
  10. Clocks/Midnight
  11. Charlie Brown
  12. HFTW
  13. Fix You
  14. "Heroes"
  15. Viva la Vida
  16. AOAL (followed by Kaleidoscope/AG)
  17. In My Place^
  18. Don't Panic^
  19. GPASUYF^
  20. Amazing Day
  21. ASFOS
  22. Up&Up



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Well, it looks like a nice setlist. Not really anything out of the ordinary, but they did play GPASUYF. :D I'm probably gonna listen to the show tomorrow. I'm really interested in hearing tonight's version of Everglow with just Chris and Jonny. They seem to have lost interest in playing the full band version, so maybe this is a nice compromise between that and the solo piano version that they've done since Glastonbury.

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I don't think Jonny is ever gonna get through playing Don't Panic live ever again without being interrupted, I remember one of the past shows he had to sing his verse three times haha

Haha I think that's to be expected :D Back in the old days, Chris would say something before they started playing the song, which kept the band from having to stop. But now Chris will just suddenly stop them and tell the audience to cheer for Jonny, haha.

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Chris's guitar broke. He says, "Would you guys make some noise right now to cover for the fact that something just broke on stage? You have about 21 seconds to fill."

I haven't even listened to the show yet, but that right there is already one of my favorite live quotes. :laugh3:

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Just back to my hotel. Tired, but a few thoughts. Man it was such a great experience. I love Alessia Cara. Stargate was just playing pop songs with pretty lights. The stadium really has a nice intimate feel to it. This version of Everglow with just Chris was fantastic. It was my 5th time seeing them, 6th tomorrow. Took 3 friends who had never seen them before and they were blown away.


There were many of us stuck at gate A for quite a while before they came around and directed people to other gates. Very frustrating. After the show we were talking past a long uber line when someone asked what they were waiting for, a man in the line exclaimed "We're still waiting to get in!". That was hilarious, I'm still giggling at it.

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I showed up to the Rose Bowl at around 8:50 PM tonight and they were all sold out of the Lithograph they had at the merch tents. Did anyone happen to get one? If so, can you comment with a picture below? Apparently it commemorated both days of the Rose Bowl shows.. I'll be getting there early tomorrow to try to secure one. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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