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Coldplay Tease Upcoming 2017 Tour in Ireland, Wales, France, Belgium, Germany and more

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Beyond pleased with a Cardiff date, first Welsh date since 2003 I think so this is great. Think there's scope for extra dates to be added in there too.


Have to decide where I want my summer holiday to be as well - had a great time in Zurich this summer!

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Also, isn't this tour leg crazy fast? Like one show here, one day nothing, the next day a new show across Europe. Is it me or is that insane?


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The days overall have been going super fast. Starting to wonder if some alien races is controlling our mind to speed up time and that's why it never happened before Hopefully I get to see them next year :D

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I have no idea if they made this up or if it's official, but look at the position of the stage for the Brussels show.





Is it me or is that a really weird set up? Smaller amount of people as well possibly? I swear this tour is getting quite weird. I mean the GA floor, how far does that go next to the stage?

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That's the weirdest setup I've ever seen in Boudewijnstadium.

Maybe they are expecting less people?

I know the Beyonce concert didn't sell out.


Beyonce had been done this way, and so did One Direction. I guess, every stadium will get it's "normal" setup

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