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Coldplay Tease Upcoming 2017 Tour in Ireland, Wales, France, Belgium, Germany and more

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Get ready for Coldplay’s 2017 tour, tickets available soon!


After the huge success of 2016’s A Head Full of Dreams Tour, Coldplay are back with their 2017 tour! The wait is over for those living in Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Ireland & Wales as the band tweeted a Gif containing the flags of each of these countries at around 2pm today.


This will be Coldplay’s third time in Poland and Austria, 11th time in Sweden and Ireland, 13th time in Belgium and 21st time in Italy. The band will also perform in Wales for the first time since 2002!


Tickets will be available soon so make sure to bookmark this page for updates and also follow us on social media. Since Coldplaying is predominantly an Irish website, we will make sure to cover those events as best as we can!

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This news is the medicine that I needed today. [emoji322][emoji4]


Also glad for the other Coldplayers who were lucky and for the rest:

I'm inviting you all to come over to Belgium. [emoji4]


Invitation accepted!



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Finally they'll come in Italy!!Can't wait for it!:bliss:


I'm considering traveling to Turin from the US because I've never been to that part of Italy before. I'll just tell my friends I'm just going to sightsee, but I'll be seeing a Coldplay concert as a bonus (it will actually be the other way around)

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Could be. Maybe a possible indoor tour? I promised my seven year old son to take him when coldplay comes back to holland but germany could work out as well :-)


It honestly depends on the location of the show. I was at the show at the Veltins-Arena which was indoors, but I know of a few other shows in Germany which were outdoors.



I personally like outdoor shows better because of the added visual effects like fireworks and a bigger stage, but indoor shows let you be closer to the band.

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I'm so happy about this of course but I also don't wanna get my hopes up to high cause the chance that I can actually go is pretty low. I have exams pretty much all the time til June so I had hoped they'd come to Europe in summer. But I guess these shows will rather be at the beginning of the year:/

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To be honest do i want to see the same show again? Not really...



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Although it seems awful to say so, I was thinking the same, but surely there'll be certain changes by next year........

and , of course, I couldn't miss another opportunity to see them- whenever, whatever, however.......

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