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Hypnotised - first song off Kaleidoscope

I ran away

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I have felt the same way since MX! It's as if during the mastering phase someone really pushed the compressor to the limit, and yeah the music sounds loud, but it lost quite a bit of the dynamics and is rather harsh. I often listen via monitor headphones and don't experience the clarity any more that was there in viva. Sometimes I really wonder, like, they can afford any equipment, any studio, any pros to work with and this is what we get? Weird.


Yeah that hits it on the head. From staying up on the release night to listen to it on a pair of $35 dollar headphones to $500-600 2.1 systems and headphones with a DAC and amp it STILL sounds like it's being run through a lead pipe

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Well, I'm about a week late for this conversation but I wanted to leave this here. It confirms what many of you have been saying, but it kind of struck me when Phil says that during the making of the first 3 albums Chris was a forceful personality in the studio. I feel that's sort of a disadvantage... don't really know how it is now. The interview is from MX era.



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Cannot stop listening to this! It is a truly beautiful song, and C's voice sounds particularly amazing. I love to put on headphones and listen while watching the video. Goosebumps over goosebumps over goosebumps.



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It was a pleasant surprise today indeed ! At first I thought it offers little innovation - I mean, touch-sensitive circles/ripples and sounds have already been an option in the Android lockscreen for many years. But I wonder what else is possible with it. Theoretically one might be able to play music pieces with it (minus the random background sounds), and it's visually cool of course. Maybe more functions will be added over time. And hey, here's a strong indication that Hypnotised will be added to the setlist soon :)

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