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Secret Santa 2017 [insert festive bells here]

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What a great idea! I've been following Coldplaying for a while now and this was the perfect reason to finally register as a member ;)


Really close to the deadline, but I'm also in! And same, I've been following this forum for quite a while, but I'm more a passive reader ;). However I dedided to finally join this nice tradition! Every year I regret not joining when I see all the nice cards and packages people post

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Im in! Agree with Moniru that the giving is the great part! I didn't get mine 2 years ago, but last year got a gift I treasure and look at every day! Thanks to @YeahWeDoYeahWeDo!


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I'm so happy to hear that! [emoji11]


Btw last year I received a lovely gift from @Christa42. I'm still showing off my LoVe Button [emoji1]

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That would be awesome but I would accept a no because I'm too late to the party.


Anyway I'm wishing you all a lot of fun.


Something needs to be done about that! *sets off to write Santa a strongly worded letter*


Yes, maybe Santa can make an exception :)
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aww Santa is the best [emoji847][emoji318]


Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk

I know, right?

(Not to forget his little elves, which help him [emoji7])


*Jumping around in my living room*

*Feeling some Christmas vibes*



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Ho ho ho!


It's nearly time to listen to your favourite Christmas songs again (finally!) and the first Secret Santa 2017 card is officially on its way!


Just some reminders:

  • cards or packages that need to make a long trans-ocean journey to reach their destination can take up to 3 weeks or more to arrive, so don't wait too long if your match lives far away
  • Please send me a PM once you've sent your card

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