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Mel Gibson's Passion


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hi Blanca!! :-)


it's cool we agree on that! :D


and yep..it'll be controversial. but i don't think it will be such a big deal in Mexico since ya'll are all Catholics, and the Pope even is supposedly seen the movie and said that the movie shows the facts: "It is as it was." so...let's see, i guess!


are you doing to go see it, if they show it there? :wink3:



hi again ;)


i was thinking on that the Pope already say it's ok so but i was laughing yesterday when i read there's gonna be just one copy and then they'll see i don't understand that anyway i'll let you know what happen in the following weeks


i don't know if i wanna see it i guess i'll wait to read what the critics say and despite i'm not a catholic or religious person i know the story so i'll decide later :P

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okay this thread is 5 pages and i don't have the time right now to read what everybody wrote, i will when i get a chance. but i just wanted to post an article with Mel Gibson's father. he is a disgusting anti-semitic bastard and it saddens me that people believe this bullshit.


this story has been written in a few news organizations but this was the only version i could find.


taken from: http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/165952p-145217c.html


Furor just before Gibson's 'The Passion' opens



Thursday, February 19th, 2004


A week before Mel Gibson's movie about Jesus Christ hits theaters, his father has gone on an explosive rant against Jews - claiming they fabricated the Holocaust and are conspiring to take over the world.

"They're after one world religion and one world government," Hutton Gibson, 85, said in a radio interview that will air Monday night.


"That's why they've attacked the Catholic Church so strongly, to ultimately take control over it by their doctrine."


In the bizarre interview, Gibson also said Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan should be lynched and called for the government to be overthrown.


The movie star's father has made outrageous statements about the Holocaust and Jewish conspiracies before.


But the timing of his latest comments is certain to fuel the uproar over his son's movie, "The Passion of The Christ," which opens Ash Wednesday.


Some critics say the movie blames Jews for the death of Christ and will provoke anti-Semitism, and they question why Mel Gibson hasn't denounced his father's views.


Hutton Gibson spoke Monday to Steve Feuerstein of "Speak Your Piece!" on WSNR (620 AM), a show syndicated by Talkline, the largest syndicator of Jewish programming.


Some of his most outrageous rants focused on the millions of Jews exterminated by Adolf Hitler.


"They claimed that there were 6.2 million in Poland before the war, and they claimed after the war there were 200,000 - therefore he must have killed 6 million of them," he said. "They simply got up and left! They were all over the Bronx and Brooklyn and Sydney, Australia, and Los Angeles."


He said the Germans did not have enough gas to cremate 6 million people and that the concentration camps were just "work camps."


"It's all - maybe not all fiction - but most of it is," he said.


Gibson repeatedly smeared prominent Jews as money-grubbing power-mongers.


"Greenspan tells us what to do. Someone should take him out and hang him."


He even belittled the Pope's reported endorsement of "The Passion," recounting how Mel referred to the pontiff as an "ass."


Gibson reserved most of his vitriol for Judaism, asking: "Is the Jew still actively anti-Christian? He is, for by being a Jew, he is anti-everyone else."


Mel Gibson's spokesman, Alan Nierob, had no comment on the elder Gibson's tirade.


But Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League said they were the words of a "classical anti-Semite."


"If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny," he said.


He's troubled by Mel Gibson's failure to condemn his father's beliefs, and pointed to a recent interview where Gibson said his dad never lied to him.


"Well, he's been lying to the world, but it sounds like truth to the son? That's strange," Foxman said.




i can't believe this. as a jew this upsets me how he could make such remarks. i know not everybody feels the way he does, but there are still people that do.

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hi Sarah!! :-)

actually few people said anything about the movie itself...most are ambivalent about it and are willing to give it a try and see for themselves what the big hooplah is about.

the rest of the thread was me and Kasia "fighting"--to use her term--about religion's place in society...and then i kinda started to give her specific examples of how bad the church as been to the progress of humanity etc... lol



punks united...i didn't say he was a bigot..if i remember correctly, i said, he seemed like a bigot.... and the reason i said it was after seeing him answer Diane Sawyer's questions in a blunt/brusque way....

at least i should give it to him that he said that according to his views, followers of other religions could also "reach heaven" or be in the good graces of "God"...


and about passions stories leading to mass killings of Jews...i merely quoted what Diane Sawyer and others had to say about this movie in terms of criticism...


and if everyone knows the story, then why do you need a whole new movie to tell it again? and if you want to tell it, then why not also tell people the real setting of this story. A lot of critics have noted that the movie just shows Jews and Jewish priests "hell"-bent---so to speak---on getting Jesus killed. Instead, the movie could have shown the proper context...



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A lot of critics have noted that the movie just shows Jews and Jewish priests "hell"-bent---so to speak---on getting Jesus killed. Instead, the movie could have shown the proper context...



which we know is not the truth.


hello dear

thanks for the sum up, i quickly read through the thread.^


i don't want to see it, but i do want to see it so i can pick it out and see how anti-semitic it is (or isn't :rolleyes: ) but i have a feeling it is.

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no, AFAIK, you're quite right! :smug: Jesus was in fact a Jewish carpenter...i've seen tens of bumper stickers proclaiming this!

and yep, he himself had said that he hadn't come to establish some new religion.

In fact, some scholars have looked into the 13 years when he wasn't in Nazarety/Bethlehem/Jerusalem...the holy land... and they have research that shows he was in India/Kashmir during that time and had learned from Hindu gurus about yoga and self-consciousness.

That could be why the gospel of Saint Thomas sounds soooo much similar to Hindu/Buddhist teachings!

unfortunately, in the internal church warfare, the st. paul doctrine got upheld in 4th century and the christianity has be practiced that way ever since...which, isn't the same as jesus and his followers lived life for 300+ years...





and thanks for calling me 'dear'...it sounds so....je ne c'est quoi! :D




so u wanna see it to make sure how it is? or u don't wanna see it 'cuz u don't wanna patronize such a movie? make up ur mind! :lol: :P

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