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Linkin Park


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i downloaded their new single last night and i thought it was quite disappointing - not up to the standard of the 1st album singles :|

"Somewhere I Belong"?! So you don't really like it, Si? I downloaded it as well last night and I am playing it the whole day here. I think it's great, love the melody in the back! :-D

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i have 1 of their cds( hybrid theory) my sister is gonna take me to a concert that has metalica' date=' linkin park, deftones, and some other bands, its gonna ROCK TOO![/quote']

WHAT??? That sounds too good to be true. Where will this concert take place?


its deadly true... its gonna be here in texas at smirnoff :oops: my sis want pits tickets. (she was in the pit for deftones and said that it kicked ass. just going to see butt hole surfers hurt my ears; hello earplugs!) ill get pics if you want..

Pics would be awesome!!! Thanks for suggesting that... :D


I went to ticket master on the day they came out and they wouldnt take our damn fucking credit card! my sister and i were pissed!!!

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you are not gonna like what i am gonna say but i can not stand linkin park. they are one of these bands which lil 10-11 year old 'mosher boppers' wear hoddies with their name on and i dont like that kind of music, but hey! only opinions

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