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Linkin Park


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lol, for some reason i always feel outcast for liking them, i like hybrid theory more than meteora though, it was a mistake to start with such a good album i say. my fav songs off hybrid theory are points of authority, pushing me away, and with you, i dont know all the names of the songs on meteora but my favs are number 6, 10, and 13, and ive only heard a few from reanimation and id say pushing me away is my fav

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My friends gave me the impression that the new cd is horrible' date=' and said it was way too damn short, and that was only half an hour long or something.[/quote']


ever listened to a weezer album? now those are fucking short. under 30 minutes :o

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Hey, sweet! i like linkin park too. i have both meteora and hybrid theory, and they're good albums. like, not the best thing on earth, but very entertaining... my fav songs:

hybrid theory -> crawling

meteora -> numb

And yeah, i think the rap part is actually very good. but the weird part is that i freaking hate rap, so wtf??? :confused:

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