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Ultimate Mash-up~Jay-Z/Linkin Park


So this album is a bit old by now... but I just d/l the other night... and even though its just 6 tracks... is niiiiice! I am a fan of both... JayZ, his older stuff.. but I must admit.. some of his newer stuff is ok.. and same goes for Linkin Park... its a good combo.. anyone else appreciate??



feel free to throw tomatoes at me as well for making this thread... :cool: but be warned, it wont be pretty.. :sneaky:

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i pretty much hate Linkin Park..i've heard a few ok songs by JayZ..but for a mash up...i think these songs fit quite well together..was it JayZ who put them together' date=' or some other random 3rd party[/quote']



I think both parties produced..


I think people who appreciate hip hop in its true form would appreciate this match up... *nods*


not to shabby... but I dont think I would have paid for it, so I'm happy I d/l'd it.. :cool:

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I loved Linkin Park, Great project. Some really good songs, a bit 'pop/rocky' but ok.

Got some posters of em all in my room, and got all their albums legal. (Except for this,, album *ahum*)

I HATE Jay-z, I'm don't like hip-hop, r&b and rap.

I HATE Jay-z ft. Linkin Park, I think the yo yo yo yeah thing just cracked everything up. The rap thing Jay-z did is really against everything I call music.

I listened to whole the album, but I just hated it.

It's a opinion, and no one can make me happy with this album, I just think it sucks..

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