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Linkin Park

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Yeah, i agree. in the end has the best vid+song combination.

ok... maybe not... what's that flying whale thing??? And why would you do a concert in the top of a statue?

bah, ok. I know the vid is cool. :rolleyes:

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:o They aren't allowed to wear pants??? That's uh..different...where exactly is this concert? ;) :P



here in Malaysia :embarrased: :embarrased: Uhhhhhhh, i cant believe the government here, there are many girls out here wearing pants on the street tho :( :/ :confused:

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:lol: :lol: :lol: Heaven knows, I cant imagine how would they perform if they are not allowed to scream, all their songs are like screaming and something!!! :confused: :/ That would be a totally 'DIFFERENT' concert for sure. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :stunned:

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AHHA I was right! There is one shot of the Charles Bridge and I was thinking about how much that looks like the Charles bridge and I was correct. I was there in May and I remember Linkin Park were doing a show a few weeks after I was there, maybe they filmed it around that time :idea2:

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