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plans for summer?


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right now i will be going to the ymca to workout and swim for 3 and a half hours 5 days a week every other week for the entire summer. i will volunteer the weeks im not working out at a cats and dogs animal shelter cleaning and playing with the pets from like 8 -12...the mornings. ill be waking up before 8 pretty much every week except weekends. this will teach me responibilty cuz ill be a freshman soon. and the working out will not only get me in shape but give me well needed energy. on the weekends ill be just going places with friends. i already have a few exciting places rather than mall. movies...etc. such as my town has alot of run down haunted looking houses. one has opened suitcases of clothings in the back yard. clothes still on the clothes lines. beds table in tact. everything is left like it should be. its like there was something that made the family up and leave abruptly. ill be going to that and also the malbis mansion its a huge mansion said to be haunted. thats always exciting. so any plans peoples? til next time... :stunned:

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Uh, in the Amanda timetabled sense of it:


Working out as usual, hour pumping weights (Arms, legs and working abs), hour running, boxing and rowing machine, daily (Unless I really really cant fit it in, but the last time that happened was last October). I go kayaking and swimming in free time for fun, but I'll probably do it 2-3 times a week this summer.


In the 'Whatchya doing this summer' sense of it:


Going to concerts, music festivals, most notably Bob Dylan heeyah. Uh, visiting universities in England and finding myself a nice house.

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Next to nothing. Practicing like crazy on my drumming (like I always do anyway) and trying to find a band will be my main focuses. I'll be playing soccer every Tuesday and Thursday evenings, the season's starting up the week school closes. Besides all that, just going outside a ton and hanging with friends :)

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My friends come back in a few weeks from university, and they'll be around for four months, so I'll be spending pretty much every day with them.


I can hopefully get my band a few gigs this summer. We haven't played a gig since September :confused: , since my other guitarist and bassist have both been at uni, so it'll be good to get back into the swing of things.


I also need to get myself ready for going to uni in September. I still need to send off my student loan form, my acceptance form, and just generally get everything prepared.


it's gonna be a great summer! :)

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i'm going to sleep in as much as i can! :P and i'm going to camp for 3 weeks! *cheers*

even though i won't have the computer :stunned:


aaaand i'll be going to canada's wonderland a lot, i already got a season pass :D

and just spending time with friends and doing sports and such.

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