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Really Bad Actors


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Guy Pearce is a great actor, I think he should be in more movies. He was awesome in Memento, and in L.A. Confidential.


I like Sean Penn too, he so deserved that Academy Award for Mystic River, and he did a really classy speech too.

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Keanu Reeves is a pretty easy target for this thread. :lol:


I have yet to see Orlando Bloom do anything that didn't require more than shooting arrows and looking pretty, so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, even though there some moments throughout the Lord of the Rings saga that almost made me burst with laughter (two words: "A DIVERSION!").



orlando was pretty damn bad in LOTR, but he's so very nice to look at which is some consolation for the female population :dozey:

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VAL KILMER!!! OMG :( He's a pretty fucking bad actor! In only 1 movie i can say that he acted great and the movie was "THE DOORS" (Oliver Stone). But c'mon man! in all the movies that he made he stinks

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Jean Claude Van Damme is hoooooooooooorrible... :lol:

But I don't mind Jackie Chan. He's fake, and the jokes are sometimes corny, but it's watchable. I'm not running to go see every movie of his though. If I watch it, it's mostly because I think the movie is going to have some good action moments.

I never saw that one movie- I forget what it's called.. The Tuxedo ? With Jennifer Love Hewitt. No way. :rolleyes: :confused:


But I've liked most Adam Sandler movies I've seen. :/

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