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What are you thinking right now?

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Still really excited that my Midnight vinyl has arrived. (If you wanna see: here!)


Also I really love macaroni salad.......


Also I am really nervous to get my paycheck this Friday because they've cut my hours and I already worked part time.....I only am getting paid for the 13 hours (only 3 days!!!! wtf!!) that I've worked from the 11th to the 25th....and my next paycheck will be even less. Ughhhh....I NEED MONEY! TO BUY FOOD! (AND MAYBE MORE COLDPLAY STUFF!) -___-

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Wow hope you get more hours :(.


On the other hand, your mentioning of macaroni salad has made me think about Mac and cheese. I love Mac and cheese.


Hope so too....I get my paycheck tomorrow. Gonna be SO angry if it's less than 100 dollars.....I have stuff to buy too, the managers aren't the only ones! -___-


Ooooh mac and cheese....haven't had that in maybe a week....I think tomorrow's gonna be a perfect day to make some :D

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