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Well, I guess not many Coldplay fans are also Daveheads.


My love for DMB began in 1996, when I was 13. Their music helped get me through... um, let's just say a really bad time in my life. So, largely cos of that, DMB was, and remains, very important to me.


I came of age with DMB playing in the background. My first (seven) concerts featured Dave Matthews (with and w/o the band). I ditched my closest friends and started over when I was 16, partly cos of an incident that involved DMB (don't worry, it wasn't only about the band). I took drama cos Dave used to act, even though I have major stage-fright, and I eventually got into advanced drama. My high school graduation was outshone by meeting Dave himself. I got into David Gray cos he was on ATO Records. Everyone who knew me, knew me as the Dave Matthews girl. That's what people remember about me. And I wouldn't change it.


Even Chris Martin said something like it's great that DMB is huge in America. I forget why, cos they're passionate or something. Y'know, he always seems to be going on about passion in music.


I should shut up now and go listen to Seek Up.

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wow, u r a true fan.


I find that Dave Matthew's stuff is relaxing rock music. Something that is hard to composse. Busted Stuff features it most.


I'm trying to decide whether I should get Everyday or not. Was that a good cd?

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Everday seems to be the less DMB "sounding" album they have.. it's the least like the others....

It's got some good stuff on it, but if you want something that is "typcial" sounding of DMB, I'd get something else.

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alrite, thanx! I guess I'll buy Crash then.


Yea, people have told me Everyday is more of a harder rock cd, not really something the Dave Matthews Band would be good at. Dave Matthews is better at softer rock. The Space Between though is a great song from it.

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Dave Matthews




im' all hyped.


I managed to download the full on 60mbs gravedigger video the other day. Having heard the song a dozen or more times live (and may i add loving it) the full band version is so amazing. So much more rocky, not what i thought it would be because of all the word with the dave matthews band, but this solo project of his seems to have given him a slightly more rockier, and then creative vibe, which i hope will rub off on the enxt album the entire band do together.


but the video is amazingly sad at times, and the song is fucking ace.


And plus i'm obsessed with my hero..so i thought i'd do a new thread.

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wel it's just a tangent according to him, some songs and ideas he wanted to go about using without the influence of the band. He hassaid he'd be stupid to quit, as he is good friends with the band memembers and is still very much enjoying playing together with them


so i guess it was just cos he felt like a change, and going to do another band album next year

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