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The Beatles


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The Beatles are my favourite band of all time. Nothing even begins to compare with them. Just the range of types of songs they had, the amount of really excellent songs and just their whole body of work in such a short period of time. It's incredible. I love them!!!!


Oh, and my favourite song is This Boy. :D

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I can't believe there's not a beatles threat in here :o

There is one somewhere far, far away down the forum because I remember starting it! :lol:


But I'm so glad this one was started :cool:

" I Wanna Hold Your Hand" is the Beatles track which allllwaayys makes me smile :)

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gotta luiv the beatles..


i remmber my dad, giving me tapes with the biggest pre-revolution-beatles-bubble-gum-pop, like a hard day's night, and all the other ones that i cant remmember the names.. i was probably about 8 when i first was introduced to the beatles, oh, and the monkees were in that tape too..



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