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The Beatles


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The beatles had several different stages, and probably you like some and others not. Or probably all :P.


I've all the albums, and recommend you "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver". Though I like all the albums, as good "beatlemaniac". :D

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This is such a hard question! For a new person coming to the Beatles, what best represents this wonderful band?


Im going with....




This album should be your first, its the Beatles first step into a weird, weird world of what became everyone's pop music, you go to Revolver. If you can avoid having to purchase any album before Revolver, its a good idea. "Help", "Please Please Me" etc. are all albums you have to have, but if you buy them it'll seem like Beatles overload. Bleugh. Try and download them or cheap copy...


But as for Revolver and everything after it, you have to own the official CD, and know the background of the music, its like a whole new world. If you want the album that sums up the Beatles at its depth of complex songwriting with listenable pop music, The White Album is fantastic. For pure out and out pop music at the Beatles best, "Abbey Road" is the album.


And dont be put off by critics views of albums like 'Let it Be'. To me, this is a superb album, song by song, at least. It may not have been put together as wonderfully as Abbey Road, but the first half of it especially is like another bands greatest hits album. 'Hey Jude/The Beatles Again' also has some unmissable songs, George Harrisons 'Old Brown Shoe' being the height of it, but its a hard album to find as it is a broad and rather crappy collection of rare songs.


For your first Beatles album, get REVOLVER. And then get everything else too...

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mmm, i think nearly all of the beatles is excellent! but i only have let it be, which is very good!! and i recommend u the white album. but i can't tell u nothing more, because i've heard a looot of beatles' music, but i don't know in what cds the songs are!! :D

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I got a Beatles No. 1 cd at Target for $10 USD... must say it statisfies my thirst for Beatlesmania... ;)


I got this like 4 years ago and thought I had experienced all the Beatles could offer, boy was I wrong.


But as for "Thirst for Beatlesmania" yeah, that makes sense.

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Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band are considered by almost everyone as the two greatest rock albums of all time. Listen to the lyrics and music of each album, they will blow you away, guaranteed. You will know why the Beatles are geniusus after listening to these two albums.

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