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The Beatles


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I too adore the Beatles! I've been a "diehard" fan for 7 years now. I saw Paul 4 times on his tour of the U.S. last year. I was even lucky enough to take a class at my university on them...nothing like writing a term paper on "Happiness is a Warm Gun." Just imagine trying to anaylze that song! I got A+ on it and I think part of the reason was because I discussed oral sex ;-)


Anyway, some of my favorites are: She's Leaving Home, You Know My Name Look Up the Number, I've Just Seen A Face, Two Of Us, and Rain.

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I like I Feel Fine, Rain, I Should Have Known Better, Can't Buy Me Love, and countless others! The Beatles were undoubtedly the best! I had the film A Hard Day's Night for Christmas this year!!! It stands the test of time alright!


I met George's dad once!

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:sniper: i wish english classes didnt exist!! i would murder it in its sleep!!

hehehehe. sleep!




English classes are dull ... I used to love them and now I absolutely detest them!



i have to go to english NOW *as the bell rings* for one hour 20 mins :shock: :-x

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I think that the beatles are a living legend i just want to thank them so much because i really think we would not be hear now talking bout coldplay, oasis, travis etc if those four living legends had not decided to put together the worlds greatest band

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