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The Pink Floyd Thread


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Daaamn great way to make this hard for us dude...




Im going to say Dark Side of the Moon but eh I dont know I really wanna say Wish You Were Here because they both have songs that are so particularly special to me, but Dark Side it is.

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oh no!!!! this is a horrid question. the piper at gate of dawn is amazing and so is the dark side of the moon.. but i have an emotional bond with the wish you were here cd so i'm gonna have to choose that one. shine on you crazy diamond

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I've heard all of Dark Side Of The Moon, but that's because it's a burnt cd, but I'm still gonna buy it. That cd is worth the 20 it will take for me to buy it. I love that cd because of how trippy it was. And I like the cd Wish You Were Here, because the song Wish You Were Here is worth the price of the cd alone.

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Difficult choice... I guess Dark Side of the Moon, but Wish you were here is amazing too... come on here dear boy, have a cigar you're gonna go far... you're gonna fly high, you're never gonna die, you're gonna make it if you try, they're gonna love you!

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