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gwyneth pregnant again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sweet marianne

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"Gwyneth is 99 percent sure this baby was made in one of Chris' dressing rooms' date='" - oh for gods sake :rolleyes:[/quote']


:lol: :lol: :lol: :wink3:


wouldn't it be awful to have people talking about your sex life like this?? if i was a celeb, i would probably never talk to anyone or go out in public - it would make me crazy!! :stunned:


Well I must say Gwen and I are the same age. And I know I am a bit of a freak..so sex in a dressing room well hey git it when u can! 30's is prime age for sex!


u go girl!

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i dont know if anyone brought this up yet, but i remember on jay leno right after apple was born...he made this joke that i thought was hysterical...


"chris martin and gwyneth paltrow are already thinking about their next baby so they can have a pair (pear)."


i thought it was cute....figured I'd share...




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Wow! Congrats to them! :D


And Apple isn't too bad of a name--why does the media find it so weird? People name their kids after flowers, why not fruit? :P


I actually knew someone named Apple from my piano lessons, so it's not too weird for me. :D



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Hey it hasn't been conformed yet people! It's still only a rumour! :idea2:


I agree with you...it's still only a rumor.


The magazines that printed the story (like Star Magazine) are tabloids. And whoever this 'friend' is that said gwyneth is 99% sure that it happened in chris's dressing room is no friend. they should dump this 'friend' if she actually said this to star magazine.

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Well for sure the photo has been altered b/c Gwyneth would never wear a shirt with "Eat Meat" on it...and why would anyone publicly say the baby was concieved in a dressing room??? Sounds like someone's fantasy to me! They are married- they can do it anywhere. Can't believe tabloids..I'll believe it when it is announced by one of their spokespeople.


that's not her shirt, the person who owns the site where i got the photo from wrote that and i questioned whether to put it up or not, the ppl on the site were mocking her.

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