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Special Coldplay Announcement on Zane Lowe - Brixton Gig 7PM|Listen Live|Blog Photos


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please don't get your hopes up everybody.


remember the MASSIVE news that was going to be HUGE that turned out to be the apple commercial and left everybody disappointed?


It's probably just the announcement of how to win tickets to barcelona. since they should really have told us already.

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One stupid question for ya all...is Q Radio only available to be listened in the UK? I can't really seem to make it work, I tried with Firefox, IE, using WMP, it won't work :bigcry:


edit: sorted out, yes it's only available in the UK

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ok but this is an actual radio show saying they will announce some big news. i think this is much more reliable than that random article that told us there would be a new single may 21. plus the last time a radio show said they would announce big news (i think it was XFM) we found out about the two free shows. so i think this could be promising... i'm hoping its about the extra songggs!!

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hmmms. zane lowe it is for me tomorrow, if i can install the CPing toolbar on the other computer in time :dozey:. well, i could also stream, but i like the toolbar :P


i'm not going to get my hopes up for anything huge because we've been letdown before, but i'm intrigued, definitely. if, by the smallest chance in the world, it's info on the non-album tracks, i will die. but it won't be, so i won't need to have the defibrulator nearby.

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Zane Lowe isn't prone to hyping things up (although he does present in that shouty, excited way).


I think it's something pretty big - either a new single or a special concert.


(Also I think the Q Radio thing will be pre-recorded: all the publicity about it has sounded like Q already know what's been said, plus, won't they still be in America?)

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